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Most censored countries in the world | Stacker Eritrea. The small East African nation of Eritrea controls the world's most restrictive and oppressive … Internet censorship - Wikipedia Internet censorship is the control or suppression of what can be accessed, published, or viewed on the Internet enacted by regulators, or on their own initiative. Individuals and organizations may engage in self-censorship for moral, religious, or business reasons, to conform to societal norms, due to intimidation, or out of fear of legal or other consequences. Which Countries Have the Strictest Internet Censorship

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Censorship of it has occurred and continues to occur to varying degrees in most countries throughout the world. General. YouTube blocking occurs for a variety of reasons including: Preventing criticism of a ruler, Google, government, government officials, religion, or religious leaders;

Jan 15, 2020 Eritrea Tops List of Most Censored Countries | Voice of A media watchdog has determined that Eritrea is the world's most censored country. Eritrea topped the list of the 10 most censored countries in a report released Tuesday by the New York-based Top 10 Internet-censored countries - USA TODAY North Korea. All websites are under government control. About 4% of the population has Internet …