If the name is not found, you might need to look in a different address book or create a new contact. If you type an email address or alias in the boxes, and that person or distribution list is in the Address Book, the display name is filled in, replacing the text you typed. On the Standard toolbar, click Address Book.

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Contacts are missing when you click the To button

How to Move/Copy Import/Export the Outlook Address Book In the Address Book? In a contact folder? In a particular “view” of a contact folder? etc. The resolution to each of these scenarios is completely different. First, if contacts are not appearing in the Outlook Address Book, then the first step would be to determine if the “missing contacts” are located in any contact … Backing up the Address Book (and how to restore it when May 21, 2019

iCloud Contacts are not showing in Address Book

Sep 05, 2016